Top 20 Social Media and Social Networking Sites

Top 20 Social Media and Social Networking Sites

Human instinct of course has been modified to be socially dynamic to a specific degree. A few people are more dynamic, while others are less so!

Be that as it may, individuals have dependably been searching for approaches to associate and network with each other. Also, in this time of digitization, individuals have observed approaches to be socially dynamic on the web, which is conceivable with the coming of the various social networking stages and applications.

Presently, even connections start, develop and end on social media. Individuals never again require an individual handshake or up close and personal gathering.

A social network benefit centers around building on the web groups of individuals who share interests and additional exercises, or who are keen on investigating the premiums and exercises of others. Most social network services are electronic and give an assortment of approaches to clients to communicate, for example, email and texting services.


S. No Site Name Site Link
1 Facebook
2 YouTube
3 Google+
4 MySpace
5 Twitter
6 Pinterest
7 Instagram
8 Flickr
9 tumblr
10 LinkedIn
11 Digg
12 Ning
13 Yelp
14 Tagged
15 Squidoo
16 Scribd
17 StumbleUpon
18 Hi5
19 Reddit
20 Technorati