An Interview with Alpesh Vaghela, A Digital Marketer

An Interview with Alpesh Vaghela, A Digital Marketer

Today, I am interviewing Alpesh Vaghela, one of the top rated Digital Marketer in Ahmedabad. He has run his own startup, has headed marketing in numerous startup organizations in the World and furthermore a full stack digital marketing Specialist. He is a Strong Personality and we all have a lot to learn from him. We should begin!


Mahendra: When did you start Digital Marketing, SEO and how did you get into it?

Alpesh Vaghela: Being a digital marketer was not a choice for me, as honestly said, but was an only option that I was looking at as my career. I started my career with data entry, but as time went on, I started watching my career digitally.  I knew that digital marketing is an interesting and challenging topic and that too in the time of 2006 when digital marketing India had no such existence.

Digital marketing was a part of my job but my task was limited. I considered going into deep in this task more interesting and tried to know about every part and technique of it. Not only did this benefit my personal growth, but it also gave me positive results in my job.


What do you think has changed in Digital Marketing and SEO since you started?

This is an interesting question. It has really changed a lot. If talking about 2006-2010, then doing SEO means making more and more backlinks. But now by doing backlinks, we do not get the results like we used to get 10 years from today. Google and all other search engines have also been advanced, they have updated the algorithm of their search engine.

Now search engines are giving more benefits to content focused websites. AI & machine learning technology has changed the definition of SEO itself. So according to me, SEO has been changed 60-70%.


It’s a Good Time to Work as Digital Marketer in Digital Marketing Industry?

According to me, no time is bad and good. If you do any task well, whether you are learning or earning, all the time will be good for you. But this time of digital marketing in real is golden time. Today everyone has smartphones, computers, and internet. Just what you have to do is to prepare your marketing strategy for this online audience.

Whether you are doing business, want to become an entrepreneur or are thinking of making a career in digital marketing, this time is a perfect time.


What is your experience working with abroad clients?

This is a diplomatic question. Requirements of all clients are different whether it is domestic or international. Honestly speaking, international clients are more involved in branding with leads. On the other hand, domestic clients focus more on leads and some clients demand intermediate results. My experience in working with international clients has been excellent.


Which digital marketing tools do you use most?

When you talk about digital marketing tools, you have many tools available, some of which are free and some are paid. I mostly use SEMRush, moz, keyword planner, answerthepublic, ahref.


What Is the Most Important Factor in Any Digital Marketing Campaign?

Content. In digital marketing, the importance of content is very high. Without this factor, you cannot run a digital marketing campaign successfully.


How Do You Stay Up-to-Date with the New Digital Marketing Techniques?

In order to remain up to date in any field, it is necessary that you remain self-updated with every update of that field. I read the blogs of digital marketing. I read the case study and forums. I use Google Alerts so that no updates are missed. Together, if any new technology of digital marketing comes, I not only read about it but also start implementing it.


Mahendra: Much appreciated for answering my questions. I learned a great deal and I’m certain Digital Deepak’s my readers likewise learned a ton today. Anticipating increasingly content from you! Thank you So Much AB for this Interview. 


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