Knowing what makes a customer happy is imperative for success. Way before you they even decide to pay for your product, a customer is looking for a positive experience, so that they feel comfortable giving you their money.

Boosting customer success rate is an important thing to consider, and you can do this using digital marketing techniques. Below are the best and easiest ways to boost customer success, with the use of digital marketing.


Defining customer success rate

Customer success is defined by when your customers achieve their desired outcome, through engaging with the company. This could be anything from the buying process to the customer service that you offer.

Your customer success rate can be defined in multiple ways through reviews, through reoccurring customers, or through a generally happy customer.

You can measure your customer success rate through various metrics. One of these could be the lead to sales conversion rate – this highlights how many people are happy with your service, and therefore go through with the sale.

Every company should look at getting their success rate up – customers are at the heart of every company. Ensuring that they are happy is essential.


Below are the seven most tried and tested ways to use digital marketing to your benefit.


  1. Increase engagement with all existingand new customers

Digital marketing is known for being great at engaging with customers. Whether this is on social media, Q&A platforms, or online messaging services.

If you engage with your customers, both old and new, they will be attracted to your product and service. You’ll build relationships – something crucial when trying to boost your customer success rate.

If you engage with and create meaningful relationships with leads and customers, you’ll significantly improve your success rate.


  1. Use real-time services to improve customer service

If you’re obviously on social media, building meaningful relationships with your customers, you’ll also provide a superior level of customer service.

Providing a reliable and constant form of contact with your customers is an excellent way for them to feel secure when they purchase from you.

When your customers need something, they will be able to get answers or help right away. Whether this is through social media, email, or a chatbot.

Every company should look into real-time customer service, as providing a genuine, helpful service to your customers is one of the most important ways to boost customer success rate.

Real-time customer service also increases the chance of recurring customers.


  1. Use SEO to help bring in valuable customers

You might be wondering how this affects the customer success rate. However, using SEO can be a great way to bring in meaningful, organic customers – which will genuinely enjoy and appreciate your service.

Of course, this requires you to perform valuable keyword research – that isn’t generalized. This way, nobody who clicks on your website is disappointed.

For instance, use keywords that are directly related to your product or service. This way, people searching for something similar will find you. Comparatively, if you use general “popular” keywords, you more than like won’t gain new customers.

Long-tail keywords are a great factor to research – these will ensure those entering your site actually want to be on your site. The more customers you gain organically, the more like you are to have a higher customer success rate.

If your company doesn’t have an in-house writer or SEO specialist, you can opt for outsourcing your writing and keyword optimization efforts to the following services:

  • BestEssay.Education — an established writing service that focuses on academic and marketing texts. They also have in-house SEO pro’s.
  • GrabMyEssay —a writing service that has a very selective approach towards sourcing experienced niche and SEO writers
  • Jaaxy — an excellent tool that provides you with a host of keyword ideas.
  • Supreme Dissertations — a great service that can help you SEO optimize and improve your material for your overall content strategy.
  • Google Search Console — a great tool that will allow you to spot the most suitable keywords for your strategy.
  • net — another reputable writing service specializing in SEO-optimized content.
  • Soovle — this tool will allow you to spot the most suitable keyword from Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and other reputable websites.


  1. Use Artificial intelligence

Marketing trends have suspected that AI is going to take over – this is definitely something you should get on board with, while it’s still very fresh.

AI has the ability to analyze customer behavior, utilize social media insights, and read through search patterns.

“AI will help businesses to understand how their customers like and react to their products and services. With this information, companies can then choose to come back or leave a positive review.” — Jenna McCoy, a senior writer at Studicus with vast experience in marketing issues.

Chatbots are an example of AI – which is something that we mentioned with engaging with customers. It’s an integral part of a great customer success rate.

Businesses are set to adopt AI, with it becoming one of the fastest-growing digital marketing trends of 2019.

It all comes down to great customer service, and being able to answer questions at any given time is important.


  1. Personalize your digital presence

Standing out, online, in 2019, is hard. Nearly everybody has social media – and so being able to win a customer over can seem like an impossible task.

Becoming more personalized with your market will help you stand out. This could be anything from personalized products, emails, and so much more.

Personalization couldn’t be easier, especially with digital marketing. By using consumer behavior data, you can look into how personalization helps.

Two major companies that are using personalization – Amazon and Netflix. For instance, when you log into Netflix, you see your name and suggestions.

Amazon uses personalization in the same way, with their “because you bought” or “commonly sold together” options.


  1. Try your hand at video marketing

We know, it can be really daunting. However, video marketing is providing incredible results – it would be hard to miss it off the list.

Video is proving to be one of the biggest digital trends since digital marketing began.

Did you know that 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video? There’s something about them that is almost therapeutic.

In terms of customer service, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident when buying something online.

This shouldn’t just be through YouTube, either. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s live option. Obviously, you could just post videos on the big three platforms.


  1. Benefit from visual searching

Have you ever used a visual search? Well, it’s an amazing tool that allows you to search for specific or similar pictures.

For example, if you saw a really nice dress on Pinterest, but they hadn’t linked the product into the pin. All you have to do is search for the image, and relevant products will match.

Visual search is a great tool to start using and allows your customers to gain a more accurate perception of the products that you sell. Whereas with typing a question, it can be lost with visual search, you’ll never have this issue.

There are a few tools that help with this, from CamFind to Visual Search by Google. You should consider using this, for the customer success rate boost.

Chances are if your potential customer has searched your product in Google – they are really interested in buying it. This increases the chance of a happy customer.



2019 is evolving around the customer experience. With the use of personalization, AI-powered-technology, and SEO, you’ll not only keep the clients that you already have but might gain new valuable customers.


Estelle Liotard is a seasoned content writer and a blogger, with years of experience in different fields of marketing. She is a content editor at Trust My Paper and loves every second of it. Her passion is teaching people how to overcome digital marketing obstacles and help businesses communicate their messages to their customers.


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